Chapter 27 casting examined

Schaefer spent four years on the story, but once it was ready, the movie came together swiftly.
Schaefer cast Jared Leto as Mark David Chapman with the support of producers Alexandra Milchan and Robert Salerno.
Leto put on 67 pounds (30 kg) for the role by drinking microwaved pints of ice cream combined with soy sauce and olive oil every night.
He admitted that gaining weight was more difficult than getting into skeletal shape for his character as drug user Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream (2000).
Leto developed gout as a result of his rapid weight gain.
Due to the strain placed on his body by the rapid rise in weight, he had to use a wheelchair.

chapter 27 movie casting

Following the completion of the film, Leto went on a liquid diet.
He clarified, “Since then, I’ve been fasting.
I’ve been on a bizarre fast consisting of lemon, cayenne pepper, and water.
I didn’t eat anything for ten days, and I suppose I shed 20 pounds during that time.”
It was difficult to lose the additional weight after Chapter 27.
I don’t know if I will return back to where I use to be. That’s what he said. It took about a year to get back to a point that felt semi-normal.”
I’d never do it again; it caused me a lot of issues.

Mark Lindsay Chapman, who went by the stage name Mark Lindsay, was almost cast as John Lennon in the biopic John and Yoko: A Love Story twenty-two years before the film’s release (1985).
Yoko Ono, who was heavily involved in the production, had been impressed with his audition and had authorized his casting before learning his full name, was Mark Lindsay Chapman.
She then denied his casting on the grounds that it was “bad karma,” and his almost-getting-the-part received a lot of news coverage.
Jarrett Schaefer, the director of Chapter 27, auditioned a number of Lennon impersonators but was particularly impressed with Mark Lindsay Chapman’s tape because he captured the “tough town” street-smart quality of Lennon that the impersonators failed to capture because they always played Lennon as larger-than-life.

Schaefer regarded Lennon as having a “chip on his shoulder” and “always cracking these sarcastic one-liners,” and thought Chapman was the greatest actor to portray this quality.
Because of Chapman’s name, Schaefer had some trouble working out the casting with the film’s producers.
He had to ask Chapman how thinks he should be billed when he was cast, to which Chapman answered “Lindsay Chapman fucking Mark. That’s the name I’m going by.”
This was so eerily similar to how Lennon spoke, Schaefer says, that it just confirmed his suspicions that Chapman was the appropriate man for the job.

More on this might been seen if you were early users that watch Chapter 27 on Netflix.

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